Achai - Selection from Liner Notes

In Tuva, we have many songs about mothers but not many about fathers. Now that we have become fathers with children who are learning to sing and play music, we dedicate this album to all fathers, especially to our great teacher Kongar-ool Ondar. He was a musical father to an entire generation of Tuvan musicians, and his untimely passing last year was a great loss to us all.

In this album we thank our ancestors for the musical gifts they have left to us, and we pass along to the next generation this new music which we hope demonstrates our respect for our roots as well as our own contribution to the great Tuvan musical tradition.


About Our Special Guest:

Shodekeh is a professional beatboxer, vocal percussionist and hip hop xöömei artist based in Baltimore, MD, whose deep interest in experimenting & collaborating with varying musical cultures & genres take him the world over. From classical, jazz, modern dance, to reinterpretations of "The Star Spangled Banner", Sho's ability to simultaneously act as a preservationist & change catalyst serves his many creative rhythmic travels as an individual musician & as founding director & lead curator of Embody, A Festival of the Vocal Arts.