Selection from Liner Notes

"Guided Meditation & Chanting for Self-Discovery"
featuring: The Alash Ensemble (Tuvan Throat Singers)

Ryoko 'Sharvani' Suzuki: vocal / harmonium
Special Guests: The Alash Ensemble (Tuvan Throat Singers)
Ayan-ool Sam: vocals
Bady-Dorzhu Ondar: igil
Ayan Shirizhik: kengirge

About the Music:

1. GUIDED CHAKRA MEDITATION: Unconscious tensions (both physical & emotional) show up as contraction in each chakra. This chakra meditation guides you to bring your awareness inward and become aware of those unconscious tensions. This awareness is the 1st step toward healing. You are guided to get there with ease and comfort, and you can quiet your mind in a much sweeter way.

2. GUIDED HEALING MEDITATION: In this healing meditation, you bring different affirmations into each chakra to let energy start flowing freely. Through this, you get in touch with your inner wisdom to guide you, unblock the tensions, and bring an upward shift.

3. “OM NAMA SHIVAYA” CHANTING, featuring THE ALASH ENSEMBLE: This mantra “Om Nama Shivaya” has been chanted for millennia and passed down from master to students in an unbroken chain of the mystical lineage, meaning it is alive with spiritual power. Om Nama Shivaya means “I bow to my own divine essence within”—within every person, there is a divine potential that needs to be awakened. You can chant together or just listen to quiet your mind and discover the mystical experience. The classic Shuddha Bilaval raga draws you to a very meditative state. The Kengirge (Tuvan drum) sounds like a human heart beat, the throat-singing (multiple, simultaneous notes with a single voice) is an ancient Tuvan musical artform and seemingly from another world, and the Igil (Tuvan string instrument) adds the nostalgic feeling of going home—going home to the Self!

Ryoko continues to deepen her meditation practice and study Shiva Process Self-inquiry under the guidance of her dearest teacher, Mahamandaleshwar Swami Shankarananda (Guruji), the world-renowned meditation and spiritual master who carries the energy of one of the most powerful mystical lineages of India, and has awakened thousands of seekers to the spiritual path for over 40 years. Ryoko received shaktipat and her spiritual name “Sharvani” from Guruji in April 2014. Following this, Ryoko became one of only three meditation teachers in the United States authorized by Guruji to teach his “Learn To Meditate” course with the enlivened mantra. The first two guided meditations on Ryoko’s CD “SHIVA PROCESS CHAKRA HEALING—Guided Meditation & Chanting for Self-Discovery” introduce you to a important part of the Shiva Process Self-inquiry: how to use your awareness to unlock your life. “Om Nama Shivaya” chanting incorporates traditional Indian raga melodies leading to a very nostalgic feeling of going home—going home to the Self!