Daam Dözü

Mai-ool Sedip learned this song from his maternal grandmother. Both of his grandparents were singers among the Saryglar people, one of the traditional clans of Tuva. Each of the geographic locations mentioned in the song is close to the traditional herding area of Mai-ool's people, along the Alash river in the Baryyn-Xemchik district. A düzhümet is a low-ranking feudal nobleman/bureaucrat, and dünggür is the name of the shamanic frame drum common in Tuva and throughout shamanic culture.

Song Title: Daam-dozu

The düzhümetter pass by
The dünggür sounding Daam Dözu.
People who stop for a while are delayed
By the tough girls of the Saryglar.

Travelers pass by
The gullies of Shanggyr.
People who've been sent get delayed
By the beautiful girls of the Saryglar.

Adventurous folks pass by in wonder
At the amazing Xovuzhyktyg.
People who enter are delayed
By the brave and bold Saryglar girls.

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