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xomus Ayan Shirizhik

The XOMUS (or khomus) is a jaw harp, also known as a Jew's harp. The metal xomus used in Tuvan music is called the demir-xomus. The instrument consists of a flexible metal tongue attached to a frame. The frame is held against the performer's teeth, and the metal tongue is plucked with the finger to produce a note. The xomus is a one-pitch instrument, but the player, by changing the shape of his mouth and the flow of air, creates melodies by emphasizing various overtones. Ayan Shirizhik is pictured playing the xomus.

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Listen to Kongar-ool Ondar play the xomus.

Listen to Ayan Shirizhik play the xomus.

Watch Nachyn Choodu play the xomus.
Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center, Washington DC, 8 August 2009