Russia Today Features the Republic of Tyva

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Fifth International Xöömei Symposium 2008
Singing the Blues in Siberia
(Bady-Dorzhu Ondar shown
winning a car near end of video)
8 August 2008 [2:28]
Sean Quirk
Mark Ames visits Tyva
(Interview with Sean Quirk
near end of segment)
10 July 2008 [26:42]
Sean Quirk
Interview with Sean Quirk
5 September 2007 [3:07]
Aldynay Sden-Khuurak
Youth of Tyva not interested
in pastoral life.
4 October 2007 [2:31]
Aldynay Sden-Khuurak
Aldynay Sden-Khuurak: how
Shamanism and Buddhism coexist.
6 September 2007 [5:25]
The band Tyva
Shamans and lamas buddy
buddy in Tyva
6 September 2007 [9:11]
The band Tyva
Olga Masalkova (opera singer)
on throat singing
5 September 2007 [2:46]
The band Tyva
Tyvinians master sounds of nature
Narrated by Olga Masalkova
5 September 2007 [8:01]
A Buddhist shrine in Kyzyl
Is it time for Tyva to exploit its
natural beauty?
4 September 2007 [9:51]
Glimpses of Tyva
Unique views of the Tyva
Republic in Eastern Siberia, to
traditional local tunes on
an ocarina.
4 September 2007 [0:47]
Por-Byzhan: Ancient palace
reveals secrets
3 September 2007 [3:47]