Alash and the Extra Special Terrestrial Guests

The Rotunda. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Recorded by Jason Fifield (18 June 2007) and Brendan Krivda (29 January 2008)

Alash and the American jazz band Extra Special Terrestrial Guests performed several joint concerts during Alash's 2007 and 2008 U.S. tours, producing some extraordinary jam sessions. Filmmaker Jason Fifield captured the 18 June 2007 performance at The Rotunda in Philadelphia. Brendan Krivda recorded the 29 January 2008 event at the same venue. Jason, Brendan, and the musicians have graciously given permission to post the recordings on our website.

Most of the Guests are members of the Sun Ra Arkestra, and they met Alash at the 2003 Uncool world music festival, held in Poschiavo, Switzerland. That year, the festival was dedicated to Arkestra director, jazz legend Marshall Allen. The musicians hit it off, and the Arkestra went to Tuva the following year for the Ustuu-Khuree Festival. The groups were reunited in 2006 when Alash toured the U.S. and played in the Arkestra's home city, Philadephia. In 2007 and 2008, Alash collaborated in performances with members of the Arkestra and other musicians who had formed the groups Deep Space Posse and Extra Special Terrestrial Guests.

Jam Session 1 [10:40]  audio icon
18 June 2007
Jam Session 2 [10:28]  audio icon
18 June 2007
Jam Session 3 [11:11]  audio icon
29 January 2008
Rotunda Jam Session 2