Alash & Shodekeh

Since Alash and beatboxer Shodekeh first met in 2011, they have forged an ongoing friendship and an ever evolving musical collaboration. Shodekeh, based in Baltimore, Maryland, is a musical accompanist and composer in residence for Towson University’s Department of Dance, and dance accompanist at Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute. Shodekeh often tours with Alash in the States, and he has visited Tuva twice. The 2016 documentary film Shu-de!*, directed by Michael Faulkner, documents Shodekeh’s musical journey to Tuva and features Alash and other musicians (trailer, review). Together, Alash and Shodekeh continue to build a unique musical and cultural bridge between Baltimore, Maryland, and Kyzyl, Tuva.

   *Musicians often exclaim "Shu-de!" at the end of a song. It may be translated as "giddy-up" or "let's go."

“Bashtak Joke,” American Folk Festival, Bangor, Maine  (August 2016)

“My Throat, the Cuckoo”  (July 2015)

“Oitulaash Xeveri,” Towson University, Baltimore, Maryland  (May 4, 1914)