Juniper Green, LLC

Juniper Green LLC is a U.S.-based Limited Liability Corporation (formed in Wisconsin) focused on promoting Tuvan music and culture. Managing Member is Sean P. Quirk, a former Fulbright scholar in Tuvan culture and music. Quirk speaks fluent Tuvan and Russian, and serves as a translator/manager for Tuvan musicians traveling in English-speaking countries. In 2008, the President of Tuva awarded him the country's highest artistic honor, "Distinguished Artist of Tuva," to recognize his work in promoting Tuvan music and culture worldwide.

The primary purpose of Juniper Green is to help Tuvans share their music and culture with interested audiences and school groups in the U.S. for educational purposes. To that end, Juniper Green works with a network of educators, librarians, and arts groups throughout the U.S. After payments to the musicians, manager and tour organizer, profits are applied to future tours.

Juniper Green has organized numerous tours of the Alash Ensemble, a group of Tuvan musicians and vocalists who first toured the U.S. under the auspices of the Library of Congress' Open World program. Since then, Juniper Green has sponsored the group's tours of the U.S., including many areas of the country where students and audiences would not otherwise have the opportunity to hear this unique music or learn about Central Asian culture. In addition to concerts, the group offers a number of free appearances at senior centers and small schools. In all these events, the presence of a Tuvan-speaking American allows the musicians to share their musical and cultural backgrounds and answer questions from the audience. These tours have also fostered numerous collaborations between Alash Ensemble and U.S. musicians in a variety of musical genres, including classical, jazz, folk, and hip hop.

Juniper Green assumes responsibility for arranging tour performances, handling visa paperwork, planning travel, and administering the contracts and agreements made with such venues as Carnegie Hall (Zankel Hall), Lincoln Center for the Arts, Yale University, the New England Conservatory, and other venues.

Juniper Green, LLC
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