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High-Resolution Photos for Download

Alash photos 2016
8 images
Tuva, 2019
Alash photos 2016
5 images
Tuva, 2016
Alash photos 2012
2 images
Tuva, 2012
Alash photos 2014
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New York, 2014

Video for Download

Alash Promo Video [3:19]
 Alash performs “My Throat” at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago (2013)

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Audio for Download

Let's Fatten the Livestock
from CD Achai (2015)

My Throat / the Cuckoo
(with guest artist Shodekeh)
from CD Achai (2015)

Bai Taiga
from CD Buura (2011)

Kosh-oi and Torgalyg
from CD Buura (2011)

Bashtak Joke
from CD Alash (2007)

from CD Alash (2007)

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Highlights of Media Coverage

Washington Post  “The Alash Ensemble's opening set was utterly stunning.” (21 June 2007)
BBC: World on 3 “Alash in Session,” live performance and interview at the BBC Radio 3 studio, UK (15 May 2015). Mary Ann Kennedy, host. [36:30]
The Dallas Morning News Tuvan Throat Singing in Dallas (6 May 2007) [2:21]
eScience Commons  “They create a musical landscape that is almost extraterrestrial in terms of the sensation it gives you.” (26 January 2016)

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Alash's U.S. tours are sponsored by Juniper Green, LLC.