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Photos for Download
Tuva 2016
2 group, 3 solo images
Brooklyn, NY 2014
4 group images
Boston, MA 2013
3 group images
Solo images
New York, NY 2013
3 solo images
Tuva 2012
2 group images
Lincoln, NE 2008
1 group image
Audio & Video for Download
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Samples from the CD Achai (Father) (2015)
Let's Fatten the Livestock [4:23] (MP3, 6.03MB)
My Throat / the Cuckoo
With guest artist Shodekeh
(MP3, 5.41MB)
Samples from the CD Buura (2011)
Bai-Taiga [8:41] (MP3, 11.9MB)
Kosh-oi and Torgalyg [5:44] (MP3, 7.89MB)
Samples from the CD Alash (2007)
Bashtak Joke [2:02] (MP3, 1.74MB)
Dyngyldai [2:20] (MP3, 2.05MB)
Alash [3:01] (MP3, 2.64MB)
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Alash, performing My Throat
Old Town School of Folk Music, 2013

To download video, click here
Alash [3:19] 484 MB


Highlights of Media Coverage

ARTICLE: eScience Commons ... They create a musical landscape that is almost extraterrestrial in terms of the sensation it gives you. (26 January 2016)

RADIO: Alash in Session audio icon Live performance and interview for "World on 3" at the BBC Radio 3 studio, UK (15 May 2015). Mary Ann Kennedy, host. [36:30]

WEB CAST: Blue Rock Studio play icon Performance web cast live from Blue Rock Studio. (9 October 2014) [1:53]

TV: WCSH Portland 6 play icon Performance and brief interview with Sean Quirk on 207. (20 October 2011) [5:10]

REVIEW: Washington Post ... The Alash Ensemble's opening set was utterly stunning. ...(21 June 2007)

VIDEO: The Dallas Morning News play icon Tuvan Throat Singing in Dallas (6 May 2007) [2:21]


Alash Live at the Enchanted Garden (2006). Live performance that includes demonstrations of xöömei (throat singing) styles and commentary in English by Sean Quirk.
Alash (2007). Studio recording of new and old songs. Includes background on Tuvan music and culture, as well as Tuvan lyrics with English translations.
Jingle All the Way by Béla Fleck & the Flecktones (Rounder Records 2008). Alash appear as guest artists on this Grammy-winning holiday CD that features throat singing on several tracks.
Buura (2011). Alash's second studio album features new songs, new instrumental textures, a solo by each Alash musician and a guest appearance by bass guitarist Victor Wooten on the title track. Comes with English translations.
Achai (2015). Achai is dedicated to all fathers, especially Kongar-ool Ondar, a musical father to Alash and an entire generation of Tuvan musicians. Beatboxer Shodekeh joins Alash as guest artist.


Sean Quirk, Ensemble Manager and Interpreter
(Generally in Tuva, but travels with the band. Check our tour schedule.)
Kyzyl phone: +7 913 340 1256 (check time in Kyzyl, Tuva)
Myriad Artists, Booking for U.S.
Yaroslav Sartakov, Booking for Russian Federation
tel/WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram: +7 909 007 3500
Kathy Quirk, U.S. Business Manager (Milwaukee, WI)
phone: 414-916-8216
Jean Bubley, Webmaster (New York, NY)
phone: 718-622-9355

Alash's U.S. tours are sponsored by Juniper Green, LLC