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carved horse head carved horse head on igil made by Oktober Saya Igil made by Oktober Saya front view Igil made by Oktober Saya side view Bady-Dorzhu playing igil made by Oktober Saya Igil, hexagonal Igil, front view Igil, side view Igil images
The igil is a two-stringed instrument whose teardrop-shaped body is held between the legs and bowed like a cello. The igil is sometimes called a horse-head fiddle because the peghead of the instrument is often decorated with the carved head of a horse. The sound box may be made entirely of wood, or the face of the instrument may be goat skin stretched across the frame. The strings are made of horsehair. Unfretted and tuned a fifth apart, they are fingered very lightly, not pressed to the fingerboard. The tones of the igil are varied and rich, not unlike the sound of a cello. Bady-Dorzhu Ondar is shown playing an igil made by Oktober Saya.
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