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Sean Quirk, Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan-ool Sam and Ayan Shirizhik.
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2018 Fall Tour of Europe

October 20 - November 4, 2018

2018 Music camp in France

Alash's European tour culminated in a 4-day music camp in the French Pyrenees!

2018 Summer Tour of U.S. & Canada

July 26 - September 15, 2018

2018 Summer Tour - Alash / pig tails

Alash visited the U.S. and Canada, giving concerts and participating in festivals from the Ossipee Valley Music Festival in Maine to the "Taste of Tuva" experience at Towson University. They toured primarily along the East Coast of the United States, and in Quebec, Canada, with a side trip to Minnesota for the Riverside Concerts World Music Series.

2018 Spring Tour of U.S.A.

March 21 - April 29

Alash traveled around the Midwest and Southeast giving concerts and participating in educational programs. Highlights include conducting workshops for high school students in Baraboo, WI, performing with one of their favorite collabortors, beat boxer Shodekeh, and rehearsing with the Fifth House Ensemble in preparation for their upcoming joint appearance in Moscow.

2018 Spring Tour of U.S.A. with the Fifth House

2018 Winter Tour of Russia


During the month of February 2018, Alash toured the Inner Asian republics of the Russian Federation.

2018 Winter Tour of Russia

Central Asia shown on globe

Fall 2017 Tour of US and Mexico

September 8 - October 27, 2017

Alash toured Mexico for the first time in October 2017! Other tour highlights include a performance at the Kaufman Music Center in New York City sponsored by the World Music Institute, a collaboration with beat boxer Shodekeh at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD, and participation in the National Folk Festival in Greensboro, NC and the Lotus World Music and Arts Festival in Bloomington, IN.

Sinaloa 2017

Summer 2017 Tour of US

June 23 - July 14, 2017

Tuva Grass, Joes Pub

The Summer 2017 tour was whirlwind of festivals from the Unifier Roots Gathering in Lunenberg, MA to California Worldfest in Grass Valley, CA, with a few club performances in between. At Joe's Pub in NYC, they teamed up with Andrew Sheron for TuvaGrass, a blending of Tuvan music with Blue Grass. Highlights included Ayan-ool on the xomus, accompanied by himself singing and by Ana clogging. Clogging starts about half way through the video.

Winter 2017 Tour of US

January 6 - March 7, 2017

Science Friday

In keeping with their mission to educate Western audiences about Tuvan throat singing and Tuvan culture, Alash appeared on Science Friday in a segment called The Highs and Lows of Tuvan Throat Singing, which aired on NPR on March 10, 2017. The were also reunited with old friends Hazmat Modine, Shodekeh, Jeff Coffin and Victor "Futureman" Wooten.

Summer-Fall 2016 Tour of UK/US/China

July 30 - October 3, 2016

WOMAD UK 2016 (The World's Music Festival) was the first stop on the tour! After WOMAD, Alash performed in and around London for a week before heading to the US and the Great Lakes Folk Festival in East Lansing, Michigan. The band then journeyed back forth between the Midwest and the East, and up and down the East Coast giving concerts and workshops and appearing at the Purple Pig Music Festival in Naples, New York as well as the American Folk Festival in Bangor, Maine. They concluded the tour at the 2016 World Music festival in Shanghai, China.

WOMAD 2016

Winter 2016 Tour of USA

January 13 - March 2, 2016


Alash started this tour by giving their first TED talk at the TEDxBaltimore Outlier Conference! They were joined by their friend and frequent collaborator, the beatboxer Shodekeh. After the TED talk, Alash raced up to NY to participate in the APAP conference. Then they crisscrossed back and forth between the East Coast and the Midwest, giving concerts and conducting school workshops. Despite an unusually cold night, they packed the house at the Dweck Center in Brooklyn, NY—the center had to bring in folding chairs, and people stood in the aisles—and got a standing ovation. They finished the tour at the University of Chicago, and then embarked on the 3-day trip back to Kyzyl.

Fall 2015 Tour of USA

September 9 - November 7, 2015

Alash crisscrossed the continental United States during their busy fall tour. They brought their unique music to Troy, AL for the first time, performing at Troy University, a senior center, and several schools. One group of school children was so excited that they wouldn't let the band leave until every child had an autograph. The tour ended with an appearance at the 28th Annual Chinggis Khan Memorial Ceremony, hosted by the Mongol American Cultural Association.

28th Annual Chingiss Khan Memorial Ceremony

Spring 2015 Tour of USA and UK

March 6 - May 16, 2015

Ayan-ool Sam, Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan Shirizhik
Ayan-ool Sam, Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan Shirizhik
BBC Radio 3, World On 3. 2015

Early in the tour, Alash released their third studio album, Achai (Father), which is dedicated to the man they consider their musical father, the late Kongar-ool Ondar. To celebrate, Creative Alliance in Baltimore, hosted a special concert featuring Alash, beatboxer Shodekeh, who is a guest artist on the album, and other special guests. Alash also introduced Tuvan music to thousands of new fans during their month-long residency at the Festival of Nations at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Alash concluded their tour with eight days in the UK where they performed six concerts and appeared on BBC Radio 3's music program World On 3.

15 Year Anniversary Concert, Kyzyl, Tuva

December 20, 2014

2014 was the 15-year anniversary of the group Alash, and they celebrated with a concert in Kyzyl, Tuva on December 20. The band started as a traditional ensemble at the Kyzyl Arts College. As the young musicians learned about western music, they developed their unique style of traditional Tuvan music with western influences. The current band members are Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan-ool Sam and Ayan Shirizhik. All are original members. Over the years, Sergei Sotpa, Mai-ool Sedip and Nachyn Choodu have also been members of the ensemble. The group's first artistic director was the legendary and much beloved Kongar-ool Ondar.

Alash and families
Alash with their families and friends
Kyzyl, Tuva 2014

Fall 2014 Tour of the USA

September 19 - November 9, 2014

Ayan-ool, Ayan, Dali Lama
Ayan-ool Sam and Ayan Shirizhik with His Holiness the
14th Dalai Lama
Cambridge, MA 2014   Photo © Brian Lima Photography

Alash was honored to participate in the conference Change Makers for a Better World, Conversations with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The conference, which was sponsored by The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at MIT, was held on October 31. Other highlights of the tour included a joint performance with the legendary Huun Huur Tu in Pittsburgh, and an impromptu duet by Bady-Dorzhu Ondar and Shodekeh at Liberty Bellows in Philadelphia while waiting for Bady's bayan to be repaired. The performance was captured on video. The band also launched a successful KickStarter campaign to produce their third studio album, "Achai - Father," which is dedicated to their mentor, the late Kongar-ool Ondar.

7th International Throat Singing Symposium / Festival:
"Throat Singing of the Great Steppes"

July 25-27, 2014

Tuvan Cultural Center
Kyzyl, Tuva, Russian Federation

xoomei symposium logo
This year's festival was dedicated to the late Kongar-ool Ondar. Ethnomusicologists and performers from around the world gathered in Kyzyl to celebrate the wide diversity of throat singing cultures in the regions of Inner Asia, Siberia and beyond. The activities included academic presentations and discussions as well as an international xöömei contest, exhibitions, and other cultural events. The symposium was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tyva and the International Research Centre for Xöömei.

Kongar-ool Ondar
Kongar-ool Ondar

First China Xöömei Festival

July 5-9, 2014

Inner Mongolia National Arts Theatre
Manzhouli (满洲里)
China (中国)

xoomei symposium logo

Ayan Shirizhik
Ayan Shirizhik
Photos © Nicole Renee Photography NY

Alash won First Prize and Chirgilchin won Grand Prix in the first festival of traditional Asian overtone singing (呼麦) to be held in China. The festival, which was jointly organized by Tuva and China, took place in the city of Manzhouli, which is located just across the Siberian border with Russia, and slightly east of Inner Mongolia. The competition was attended by groups performing the unique traditional styles from various parts of Russia, China and the Republic of Tuva. Participants came from Inner Mongolia, Mongolia, China, Tuva, Altai, Khakass, and one each from Spain, Australia, Japan and the USA.

This festival was organized in conjunction with the 7th International Throat Singing Symposium/Festival in Kyzyl, Tuva.

Summer Tour

June 2014

Beijing, China 北京

Alash toured Beijing for the first time, appearing at live music venues, including Mako Live House (麻雀瓦舍), as well as the Central Conservatory of Music (中央音乐学院) and Minzu University (中央民族大学).

Spring Tour

April - May, 2014


Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan-ool Sam, Ayan Shirizhik
Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan-ool Sam, Ayan Shirizhik. Fort Worth, TX
Alash toured the Midwest, Mid Atlantic, Texas, and Tennessee. In Baltimore, they once again teamed up with beatboxer Shodekeh. And they conducted a special workshop at Victor Wooten's music camp in Only, Tennessee. Their repertoire included new material from their forthcoming album, which will be dedicated to the late Kongar-ool Ondar.

Fall Tour

October - November, 2013


Alash, Hazmat Modine and Shodekeh
Left: Alash with Hazmat Modine.   Right: Shodekeh.   Photos © Nicole Renee Photography NY

The fall 2013 tour included the first time ever three-way collaboration of Alash, American roots band Hazmat Modine and beatboxer Shodekeh in a high-energy and very unusual concert at le Poisson Rouge in New York City. Alash also collaborated with bassist Garth Stevenson and singer Annie Lynch when they performed in Cambridge, MA. As always, they conducted workshops at schools, bringing a taste of Tuvan culture to American youngsters.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival: One World, Many Voices

June 26 - July 7, 2013

National Mall. Washington, DC

Sean Quirk was curator of the Tuvan delegation to the 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, DC. The theme was One World, Many Voices: Endangered Languages and Cultural Heritage, and Sean was honored to work with another of the festival's curators, the renowned linguist K. David Harrison of the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages. The Tuvan delegation was: Ayana Mongush (conductor, Tuvan National Orchestra), Aldar Tamdyn (musician, throat singer, instrument maker, craftsman), Marat Damdyn (instrument maker), Said Chüldük (saddle maker, throat singer, musician), Raisa Tas-ool (seamstress/textile artist), Artur Shozhunchap (stone carver), Artysh Salchak (herder from Möngün-Taiga), Cheynesh Salchak (herder from Möngün-Taiga), and Angchy Tamdyn (instrument maker, throat singer, musician). (Alash was not at the Festival.)
  Ayana Mongush
Ayana Mongush.
Kyzyl, Tuva, Russian Federation. Photo by Sean Quirk.

Spring Tour

February - April 2013


Carnegie Hall ticket   Fire and ice ushered in the spring tour. First, customs officials at Boston's Logan Airport confiscated and burned Alash's duyuglar and xapchyk, two traditional Tuvan percussion instruments made from animal parts. Then the February 2013 blizzard assailed the Northeast, and the first three concerts were canceled. After that, things started to look up. Alash made their first appearance at Carnegie Hall, where they received two standing ovations. They traveled along the Atlantic Seaboard, through the Midwest, and into Texas, sometimes collaborating with bassist Garth Stevenson, singer Annie Lynch, and beatboxer Shodekeh. As always, they performed at schools, introducing American youngsters to Tuvan music and culture.

Spring Tour

March 12 - May 4, 2012


After traveling through the West and Midwest, Alash wrapped up their spring tour with a lively concert in New York City that blended several music genres. They collaborated with bassist Garth Stevenson, singer Annie Lynch, and beatboxer Shodekeh. Representatives from Renova, who generously provided airfare for Alash, attended the concert.   Alash in Nebraska
Alash at a farm in Nebraska. Photo by Brent Martin.

Concert in Kyzyl

December 18, 2011

Kyzyl, Tuva

Alash performed a solo concert at the House of Cultural Works in, Kyzyl, the capital city of Tuva.

Fall Tour

October 1 - November 21, 2011


During their fall US tour Alash traveled up and down the East Coast and west to Pennsylvania. Audiences were treated to songs from their new album, Buura, which was released at the very end of the spring tour. Their full schedule of concerts, workshops, radio and TV appearances included collaborations with members of the American band The Horse Flies and bassist Garth Stevenson.   Le Poisson Rouge
Le Poisson Rouge, NYC. Photo by David Aronson

Spring Tour

March 23 - May 31, 2011

Moscow, UK, and the US

Buura Alash started their spring season with a concert at the American Center in Moscow. They then kicked-off the U.K. part of the tour by performing at a football match. Next, they went to the U.S., where they traveled through the Western and Midwestern states giving concerts and workshops, and performing at festivals. On the morning of May 15, they got an unpleasant surprise. Overnight their car had been broken into, and all their instruments were gone. (Read more and find out how to help). Fortunately, they were able to finish the tour using borrowed instruments. And by the end of the tour, their latest CD, Buura, was released.

Holiday Tour with Béla Fleck & the Flecktones

November 30 - December 19, 2010

West Coast of Canada and the U.S.

Alash toured the West Coast of Canada and the United States with Béla Fleck & the Flecktones to promote the Flecktone's CD Jingle All the Way, on which Alash appear as guest artists.   Alash with Flecktones

7th Annual International Mystic Music Festival

September 25, 2010

Konya, Turkey

Konya Mystic Music Festival logo Alash took part in the 7th Annual Mystic Music Festival in Konya, Turkey. The festival strives to introduce mystical music traditions of the world while promoting interaction and communication among various faiths by emphasizing mystic music. Read more.

Alash also performed in near-by Karaman at the invitiation of the Mayor.

US Tour

February 23 - May 9, 2010

Alash traveled through the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Texas giving concerts and conducting workshops at schools and colleges for almost three months. The Princeton Arts Council posted a video of their performance, and Abigail Mahnke of KOOP 91.7FM in Austin, Texas conducted an extensive interview with Sean Quirk about his life in Tuva for her show "Inner Views." To hear it, go to the "Inner Views" website and click on "April 7". The group ended its tour with a recording session in Nashville, Tennessee, as the city was recovering from the floods. The new CD is expected to be released in October.   Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan-ool Sam, Ayan Shirizhik
Arlington, Virginia. Photo by Stephen H. Goldstein.

US Tour

December 2 - December 20, 2009

Alash and Jeff Coffin, Chicago
Photo by Timm Hertel,
Alash toured the Midwest and South with the legendary American band Béla Fleck & the Flecktones to promote the CD Jingle All the Way, which features Alash as guest artists. The reviewer for said, "With the four throats of Alash [throat singing] at once at the State Theatre, the result was stunning....Alash got a rousing standing ovation." Read the reviews in Kosmopolitan Online, Star Tribune, The Capital Times, Kalamazoo Gazette, and the Denver Post.

US Tour

July 17 - August 16, 2009

Alash at CoSMIn the brief space of a month, Alash managed to pack quite a lot of excitement as it toured the United States from Vermont to Virginia. Highlights included appearances at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage (video), the Grassroots Festival (video), and the Lowell Folk Festival (video1 video2). Alash also continued its popular tradition of collaborating with friends from the Sun Ra Arkestra at the Rotunda in Philadelphia. In addition to numerous concerts in smaller venues and live shows on two public radio stations, Alash taught an intensive 3-day workshop in Tuvan music at the New England Conservatory in Boston, attended by students from as far away as California. Participants in the Roomful of Teeth project, who had studied with Ayan-ool Sam and Sean Quirk in June, came to meet and hear the entire ensemble play to a standing-room-only crowd at Barbès in Brooklyn. The audience was so enthusiastic, they demanded 15 minutes' worth of encores. The next day, Alash wrapped up the tour with a relaxed and informal concert at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Art Sanctuary in Wappinger Falls, New York. (Photograph at right by Hildegard M. Grob.)

Roomful of Teeth Project

June 7-12 2009

Williamstown, Massachusetts USA

Ayan-ool Sam and Sean Quirk were among the international experts teaching new vocal techniques to Roomful of Teeth, a twelve voice ensemble that seeks to learn a wide a range of vocal techniques from different cultures and incorporate them into new vocal music. See a video of Ayan-ool with yodeler Kerry Christensen.

Mongolian International Xöömei Festival

May 8-10 2009

Ulaanbaantar, Mongolia

Alash traveled to Mongolia for the International Xöömei Festival in Ulaanbaantar. In this video, Ayan-ool Sam, Ayan Shirzhik, and Bady-Dorzhu Ondar perform "Men Tyva Men" (I am Tyvan) with Andrei Mongush, Igor Köshkendey, and Evgeniy Saryglar. Mongush learned the song from its original authors, people of Tuvan origin who live in Kobdo, Mongolia.

US Tour

March 15 - April 23, 2009

Bady-Dorzhu OndarAlash participated in South By Southwest 2009, the popular music festival held annually in Austin, Texas. They performed at several other venues in Texas before heading north to Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and Vermont. In Brooklyn, NY they jammed with the Sub-TURAN-ians, in Ithaca, NY they teamed up with the Evil City String Band, and at the University of Connecticut they were the inspiration for and main attraction at Tuva Day. Next, they traveled west to Wisconsin and Illinois where, in addition to concerts, they conducted workshops in schools and at International House at the University of Chicago. Music professors have been especially enthusiastic about Alash. Several concerts and workshops on this tour came about because a professor who attended a concert at another venue invited the group to his or her own university.

US Tour

November 10 - December 22, 2008

Alash presented concerts and school workshops in Texas, the Midwest, and the Northeast (see video of them visiting a kindergarten class), and they collaborated with their old friends the Extra Special Terrestrial Guests in Philadelphia. As usual, they played to full houses of enthralled fans. But the highlights of this tour were their joint appearances with Béla Fleck & the Flecktones to promote "Jingle All the Way," the new CD by the Flecktones that features Alash as guest artists. The Flecktones' audiences, most of whom were hearing Tuvan throat singing for the first time, went wild for Alash. After the performance at the Blue Note in New York City, three young men hugged Ayan-ool Sam and Nachyn Choodu and broke out in song "Shyngyrash, Shyngyrash," imitating Alash's unique rendition of Jingle Bells.   Alash and the Flecktones
Fairfield, Connecticut. Photo by Sam Anderson.

Fifth International Symposium "Xöömei - Cultural Phenomenon of the Peoples of Central Asia"

July 24 - July 28, 2008
Kyzyl, Tuva

This year, the Symposium is part of the "Year of Xöömei" activities. It includes a scientific conference, an international xöömei (khöömei) competition, master classes, and exhibitions and sales of Tuvan national instruments, national dress, and traditional food. Bady-Dorzhu Ondar received grand prize for throat singing and won a car. Ayan-ool Sam and Ayan Shirizhik took first and second prizes for throat singing. Nachyn Choodu and his wife took first prize for a duet performance. Watch videos of the performances. Read about it. See coverage from NTV (Russian). See coverage from Russia Today (shows Bady-Dorzhu winning the car).

Üstüü-Xüree Festival

Ustuu-Huree logo

July 15 - July 19, 2008
Chadaan, Tuva

The Tenth Annual Üstüü-Xüree Festival of Live Music to raise funds for the reconstruction of the Üstüü-Khüree temple.


February 8, 2008

Alash performed at festivities in celebration of Shagaa, Tuvan New Year (based on the Lunar Calendar).

US Tour

January 11 - February 2, 2008

Marquee of the Grand in Ellsworth, ME In a whirlwind tour of the northeastern United States, Alash gave a concert or conducted a workshop (sometimes both) every day for 21 days straight. They played to packed houses in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, New Haven, Ithaca, New York, and Ellsworth, Maine. At the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Alash collaborated with a string quartet, playing music arranged by Ayana Samiyaevna Mongush, director of the Tuvan National Orchestra. In Philadelphia, they once again joined forces with their old friends, the Extra Special Terrestrial Guests. At the New England Conservatory, they visited music theory classes and presented a superb lecture/performance. At Yale University, they were overwhelmed by the number of students who wanted to try throat singing. In Vermont, Maine, and New York, they shared their music and culture with elementary, middle and high school students. All in all, it was an extremely busy three weeks for Alash, who delighted an ever growing base of returning fans as well as newcomers to Tuvan music.

Concert for Putin

August 13, 2007
Por-Bazhyn, Tuva

Sean Quirk and Vladimir PutinAlash, Chirgilchin, and Oktai were the featured performers at a private concert for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prince Albert II of Monaco. The two leaders, who were in Por-Bazhyn to see the archaeological excavation of the fortress, were treated to an evening of traditional Tuvan music, and Putin was quite amazed by the throat singing. Sean Quirk performed with Alash and even sang a solo in the kargyraa style! Afterwards, he chatted with the President.

Üstüü-Khüree Festival

July 24 - July 29, 2007
Chadaan, Tuva

The 9th Ustuu-Khuree Festival of Live Music gets ready to receive musicians and public from all over Siberia and abroad.

US Tour

April - June, 2007

Alash performing outside Rubin Museum Enthusiastic American fans were once again mesmorized by Alash's music. See and hear highlights on our media page. Alash traveled extensively, performing on the East Coast, in the Mid-West, South, and Texas. Along the way, Alash conducted workshops for schools and colleges - one principal in Texas reports that the children are trying to throat sing while walking through the halls. Alash also performed at charity events, and participated in music festivals. The image at left was made at the Make Music New York Festival.

The Russian Cultural Attaché, Nataly Batova, attended the performance in Washington, DC, which the Washington Post review describes as "utterly stunning." In DC, and at several other venues, Alash shared the stage with the American jazz band Extra Special Terrestrial Guests. The jam sessions with igil, doshpuluur, byzaanchy, kengirge, saxaphone, flute, trombone, bass, drums, and throat singing were absolutely amazing. During the tour, Alash also released their second CD, which, as Steve Sklar says in his review, "makes for a fine listening experience, indeed!"

Kyzyl-Moscow Festival

November 15, 2006
Eurasian cultural center "Legenda", Moscow, Russia

Mai-ool Sedip performed as a soloist on November 15. The festival took place on November 14 and 15.

All-Russia Competition of National Orchestras and Ensembles

September, 2006
Ulan-Ude, capital of the Republic of Buryatia, Russia

Alash musicians competed as members of the Tuvan National Orchestra. The Orchestra won the overall grand prize, as well as a special prize for the most original program. This year, for the first time, the competition was for "national" instruments, instead of "folk" or Russian instruments. The Orchestra's preformance qualifies them to compete in the finals in Moscow in 2008.

Workshops and Festival

September, 2006

Alash traveled to Poland for a series of workshops organzied by Polish musician Maria Pomianowska.

Mongolian Festival

July - August, 2006

Alash participated in a Mongolian Festival celebrating the 800th anniversary of the beginning of the reign of Genghis Khan. (Read more at Tuva Online)

Üstüü-Hüree Festival

June 28 - July 4, 2006
Chadan, Tuva

Alash joined Huun Hur Tu, Chirgilchin, GenDos, Tyva, the Tuvan National Orchestra and others at this summer's Üstüü-Hüree Festival in Chadan, Tuva.

Xöömei Festival

May 13, 2006
Iyme, Tuva

Kongar-ool Ondar hosted a xöömei festival in his home town of Iyme in the Dzun-Khem district of Tuva. The festival honored the famed singer and composer Maxim Dakpai, on what would have been his 85th birthday. (Read more at Tuva Online)

US Tour

February and March, 2006

Kongar-ool Ondar, Mai-ool Sedip, Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan-ool Sam, Ayan Shirizhik, and Sean Quirk.  Photo by John O'Hara, Whitefish Bay Herald, WI. 2006 tour of USA Alash played to sell-out crowds of enthusiastic fans when they toured the United States in February and March, 2006. Their visit was sponsored by the Open World Leadership Center (press release) at the Library of Congress with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, and was initially scheduled for three weeks of performances in New York, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. The group extended their stay and traveled half-way across the country giving concerts and workshops in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Illinois in addition to the original venues. CEC ArtsLink (press release) hosted the musicians during their stay in the U.S.

All-Russia Competition of Folk Orchestras and Ensembles

September, 2005

Saratov, Russia

Alash musicians competed as members of the Tuvan National Orchestra. The Orchestra won one of the first prizes. In addition, Bady-Dorzhu Ondar received a special award for his unique vocal performance. (Read more at Tuva Online)

Articles about Alash's performances are on the media page